Coddiwomple…. basically means to go somewhere and then wonder around, which is a fairly good way of describing what a photographer does.

We class any event that is not on a Thursday and not online as a coddiwomple. Apart from Gig Night because that is held in the clubhouse.

Throughout the year we have a good few Coddiwomples, 2023 for example, we have twenty seven planned. Coddiwomples normally involves travelling further afield than our summer programme and are normally a full day out. We always have an option to meet locally, usually in Hayle and car share for the day.

Depending on what the day involves we might start with breakfast somewhere, otherwise it will be a lunch in a cafe or pub. Then on the way home we normally find a pub for a drink and a chat.

As with the field trips, we return annually to many more popular locations with our members and rotate the others, throwing in the odd one-off trips here and there.

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