Image Guidelines – Prints

Below is all the information you should need for getting you prints correct.

Points to consider are size of your print and it’s position in the mount. All print images must be mounted, the size of the mount must be 50cm x 40cm and can be presented in landscape or portrait format.

On the reverse of the print in the top right hand corner please write on a SMALL white label or an area (approx 6cm x 2-3cm) in BLOCK CAPITALS the title of your print and your 3 digit membership number.

If your print complies with Wildlife(W), Nature(N) definitions or is a Creative(C) image, and there is a category in a competition for it, place a W, N or C (in brackets after you title) and you image will be judged accordingly, otherwise it will be in the open category and judged and a pictorial image.

There should be no other labels, text, tape or glue on the back of the mount.

Mono Images