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Digital Guidelines

Points to consider are size, format and colour space. External competitions may have slightly different rules but in the main are as listed below. It is good practice when submitting images to show at PPG that the following rules are adhered to.


This winter season, 2018-19 we will continue with the full high definition format or FHD.

Digital images will be projected in a landscape format of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels. All images should be sized to fit into this window, apart from your CPA digital entry (they are still using the old format), otherwise you may find cropping takes place and your whole image may not be shown. Thus submit your images as follows:


PPG EVENINGS (Penwith League, image reviews, members evenings etc)

Landscape or horizontal
1920 pixels wide (1080 max height)
Portrait or vertical
1080 pixels high
1080 pixels


WCPF’s DPIC (Digitally Projected Image Competition) – NEW SIZE FOR 2018-19

Landscape or horizontal 1600 pixels wide (1200 max height)
Portrait or vertical 1200 pixels high
Square 1200 pixels



Landscape or horizontal
1600 pixels wide (1200 max height)
Portrait or vertical
1200 pixels high
Square 1200 pixels


Image sizes may be submitted in smaller sizes but they will appear smaller when projected. Image sizes should not exceed the sizes stated above.

Ultra High Definition or UHD or 4k the dimensions are 3840 x 2160 pixels.
Full HD or FHD they are 1920 x 1080.
HD was 1280 x 720 and SXGA+ is 1400×1050.



  • Format must be   Title-Membership Number.JPG
  • Image quality Photoshop (PS), Elements (PSE) = 9 and Lightroom (LR) = 75%


Image files must be named in the following format:

Entry Title-Membership Number
eg. Amazing View-000

Please note spaces are used between names (if there are more than one) of the title. Spaces are also used between the first and second names of the photographer. Spaces are NOT used next to the hyphens.

Avoid using humour when naming Wildlife and Nature images as judges do tend to score an image lower than if a conventional title is used.



PPG do not request a particular colour space.  Some external competitions do request a particular colour space but the belief is that your entry will still be allowed if your image does not match the colour space requested.  The downside is the colour of your image may slightly vary.  The PPG laptop and projector are calibrated to colour space Adobe RGB (1998).  Members may want to have their cameras, laptops, etc calibrated to this colour space –  as most experts in today’s photo mags advise.  The Chairman happily has his camera, computer and monitor calibrated to sRGB!



  • Landscape to be 750 pixels wide.
  • Portrait and Square to be 500 pixels high.
  • Format must be .JPG
  • Image quality PS / PSE = 9 and LR = 75%
  • and finally remember to name the files correctly.
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